Newsletter – April 2016

Posted on Apr 29, 2016

April 2016 NewsletterNewsletter – April 2016

1. Stewardship Society Annual Meeting
Several members of the CLWPOS board attended the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Christina Lake Stewardship Society of March 15, 2016.
Brenda LaCroix, Stewardship Coordinator/Project Manager presented her usual comprehensive review of the work of the Society.
  The lake quality continues to be in very good share.
A report on a new initiative of the Stewardship Society was presented. The Christina Lake Riparian and Wetland Demonstration Site and Native Plant Nursery is located within the nature park behind the Welcome Centre.
  Members of our society are encouraged to ‘check it out!.  This is a significant initiative by the Lake Steward Society.  It will provide guidance to lakeshore owners wishing to improve the quality of their properties.

2. Lake level
There is still some snow on the mountains surrounding Christina Lake – however the lake level seems to have stabilized with the cool nights over the last few days, limiting the rate of snow melt.
  My unofficial measurement of the current lake level shows a level 60 cm below the high water level of May 2006 when we had some 30 cm of water in our basement!  Our raised flower bed on the lakeshore side of our property, with some 100 tulips in flower, remains at some risk from boat wash, especially on these warm weekend days.

3. Parking on East Lake Drive
Since preliminary survey work last fall, there has been no further work evident on expanding the parking area within the provincial park at the Texas Creek boat launch.
  The cost of the proposed parking expansion project is likely the major concern.  However, upgrades to the Texas Creek Campsite are pretty much complete with upgraded camp sites, (but no new sites beyond the existing 63 sites) and new flush toilets with wash basins and mirrors – all very plush!

4. Seniors’ Housing at Christina Lake
This discussion is continuing with location seemingly the major consideration.
  I am advised that the Christina Lake Seniors’ Housing Society has engaged a consultant to assist with the analysis of potential locations for the proposed project.  Correspondence that our society has received is mixed with respect to concerns with a location within the existing Nature Park.  Some appear to be in favour of this location and others supportive of the need for seniors’ housing, but opposed to the proposed nature park location.  Clearly the location, level of services provided and potential subsidy (for profit or not-for-profit) will have a considerable bearing on the cost structure.

5. Foreshore permissions
Some lake residents I understand are proceeding with the process to permit their wharves and obtain foreshore rights through Front Counter B.C.
  Residents are reminded that carrying liability insurance for their wharves is an important aspect to this process.  Individual insurance policies may require foreshore rights to obtain this insurance. Residents with wharves and/or boat lifts are reminded to check with their insurance providers for this coverage.

6. Cascade Falls
I append a photograph of Cascade Falls taken a week ago.
 Credit where credit is due!  The April 14th issue of the Christina Lake News includes perhaps a superior photograph of the falls, courtesy of Guy Requier.  This issue also includes part two of a detailed analysis of some of the issues concerning the Christina Lake Seniors’ Housing project by Simon Ryder.  The whole article is well worth reading.