Last word on Riparian Rights

Posted on Feb 25, 2012

Dear WPOS Members,

A couple of years before the formation of the Waterfront Property Owners Society, there were a few individuals who worked with the Ministry of Environment and Regional District to try to create Riparian guidelines. The Regional District’s interest in creating Riparian Guidelines was initially driven by their belief that a local solution to Provincial Regulations (designed to protect salmon spawning areas in BC) was a better option than being subject to senior government regulations.

Although our members are extremely concerned about maintaining the quality of Christina Lake (as were those that wanted to see the implementation of Riparian regulations), the majority of the WPOS members are of the 
opinion that existing rules and regulations (including development permits) can be applied to maintain the quality of our Lake. As you are all aware, it is the high quality of the Lake that makes us want to live here.

The recent decision by the Regional District, ‘not to proceed’ with implementation of Riparian Guidelines and/or Regulations is welcomed by most of our membership. It is for this reason that we want to thank the Regional District (and their representatives, including Mark Andison) and the local representatives (including the Regional Director -Grace McGregor – and David Durand) for their extensive evaluation and decision-making process. The WPOS also wants to thank our members and others who participated in the process – all with a view to maintaining the high quality of our Lake.

Many words have been spoken about this issue and its resolution. Perhaps one of our Directors, Neil Muth said it best, “It often takes more courage to change a course of action in the face of legitimate concerns, than it does to stick with the original course of action. People often see it as a sign of weakness. I see it as a sign of strength. Grace, Mark, Dave and others involved in making the decision, demonstrated real leadership in responding to concerns – and that is the best strategy, both politically and for public policy. Hats off to them for doing so.”