CLWPOS 2018 AGM Minutes

Posted on Jul 14, 2019

Minutes of the 2018 Annual General Meeting for the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society held Thursday, August 2nd, 2018 at the Christina Lake Community Hall

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 pm with approximately 45 members present

Board member Theresa Dergousoff introduced the board members, and then introduced chairman, Mike Fairweather who continued to conduct the meeting

M/S/C to adopt the agenda – Meeting agenda changed to allow guests to be introduced at the start of the meeting

Martin Christman, acting fire chief for the Christina Lake Fire Department, was introduced.  He noted that the CLFD is looking for volunteers, firemen, first responders and also willing volunteers to carry out administrative work around the fire hall – always welcome.  The position of Fire Chief will be a paid position next year, will be advertised by RDKB

R/C Chris Cotrill – the RCMP carried out some 150 boat inspections on the lake with approximately 60 warnings and/or fines for various offences.   A police incident earlier in the summer related to an offender with mental health issues who had temporarily escaped custody.  The focus at Christina Lake followed from a cell phone contact that suggested the presence of the individual concerned in the vicinity of West Lake Drive.  An apprehension was subsequently made in another community without incident. 

The police vessel required repair in July, accordingly the police presence on the lake will be extended to include the Labour Day weekend.

RDKB Area C director Grace McGregor – She spoke to the following concerns: camp ground expansion study by BC Parks at Texas Creek, waste water treatment study update for Christina lake village, recovery from 2018 spring floods at Grand Forks and Christina lake, especially issues with properties impacted by the McRae Creek discharge into the lake, repairs to the McCrae Creek culvert underpass of McCrae Creek Road, current approach to wildfire concerns. 

The chairman thanked the guests for their presentations to the meeting.

Theresa Dergousoff presented the 2017-2018 financial report:

            Opening Balance –                  $2,847.00


                        Dues                              1,552.03

                        Interest                                             1.26                                    


                        Liability Insurance      550.00

                        Bank                               21.50

                        Meeting                         21.17

Closing Balance                                  3,807.62

M/S/C to approve the treasurer’s report as submitted

Theresa then outlined the proposed 2018-19 budget

            Website Maintenance               $125.00

            Liability Insurance                      550.00

            Office expenses                            150.00

            Total                                          $ 825.00       

M/S/C to approve the proposed 2018-19 budget

M/S/C– that the annual dues of the society be $20.00 per lot. 

Mike Fairweather presented the President’s Report

The status of several concerns of members of the society were reviewed as follows:

            Zebra-Quagga mussels – the work of the Christina Lake Stewardship Society to help maintain Christina Lake mussel-free is warmly endorsed by the Waterfront Property Owners’ Society

            Milfoil – This is an ongoing concern – mitigation methods to provide an effective and less expensive option to the existing manual plant removal using divers continue to be sought.

            BC Parks expansion at Texas Point – this is a potential threat to residents along East Lake Drive – monitoring is continuing

            Northern Pike – The CLWPOS continues to support the Lake Steward Society in its work to mitigate this threat to the lake

            Permitting Wharves and Buoys – The new foreshore assessment and tax has no impact on requirements for Section 11 work permits prior to undertaking work on foreshore properties.  Formal requirements for permitting wharves has eased off.  Permitting buoys is not (yet) a threat.

            We recommend all our members to take out membership in the Christina Lake Stewardship Society to support the important work of this group.

M/S/C to approve the report of the society president

Directors of the Society

The chairman noted that Annie Rioux, has decided to not let her name stand for re-election.  The board thanked Annie for her service to the society.

The following members of the society have let their names stand as directors of the Society:

Theresa Dergousoff, Mike Fairweather, Bob Freeman, Marvin Jeffries, David Merry, Arlene Peniuk and Doug Sandner.

The chair asked for nominations from the floor.  There were none.

The proposed slate of directors was declared elected.

The chairman thanked those in attendance for their support of the society.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.