CLWPOS 2016 AGM Minutes

Posted on Jul 27, 2017

Minutes of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society Annual General Meeting held  Sunday August 7, 2016,  at the Christina Lake Community Hall, 90 Park Road, Christina Lake BC


  1. The chair, Mike Fairweather, called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. Approximately 40 members in attendance; Mike declared a quorum.


  1. Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the agenda as circulated.


  1. Theresa Dergousoff (Secretary/Treasurer) welcomed the members to the fifth annual general meeting of the society, and introduced the CLWPOS Board of Directors:

      Mike Fairweather – Chair

 David Merry – Vice chair

       Theresa Dergousoff- Secretary/Treasurer    

       Doug Sandner – board member

       Marvin Jeffery – board member

       Bob Freeman – board member

      Arlene Peniuk – board member

      Annie Rioux – board member


  1. Theresa Dergousoff introduced board chair, Mike Fairweather who in turn made an agenda change with the introduction of R/C Chris Cottrill. R/C Cottrill has provided policing services on the lake over the past seven years under a special agreement with RDKB Area C.  R/C Cottrill provided a very interesting review of his work to date at the lake, noting that his services to members of the public were always available should the need arise.  R/C Cottrill noted that the support for this program from the local detachment could be stronger and that written confirmation of the importance of this program to the local RCMP would be welcomed.


  1. Motion/Seconded/Carried to adopt the minutes of the 2015 Annual General Meeting as circulated


  • Business meeting:
    1. Chairman’s Report
      • FireSmart – There will be a meeting at Community Hall on August 8th from 6 to 8 pm sponsored by RDKB and recommended that as many present at this meeting attend this important presentation as possible Home owners were directed to information on the Fire Smart Program available on the Internet which provides a point system, by which they can assess the wildfire risks to their homes.
      • Zebra/Quagga mussels – perhaps the most important issue at the lake. Mike shared previous findings comparing the financial impact of having mussels in the lake against having a permanent inspection station here at the lake. The analysis supports having a permanent inspection station at the lake.  He also briefly referred to experience by cottagers in Ontario following the introduction of zebra/quagga mussels in that province. 
      • Milfoil Dive Crew – members are reminded that other boats should stay well away when the dive crew is in operation as indicated by their red and white flag.



  • Road Safety & Parking– After many years of lobbying, the Christina Lake Boat Access Society has agreement for expanded vehicle parking at the Texas Creek boat launch. Work is expected to commence this fall.  Mike, at the kind invitation of that Society, attended their recent 2016 Annual General Meeting.  At that meeting Sue Verigin and Peter Bowen presented details of the proposed parking lot expansion.  This project should result in significant safety improvement along the north end of East Lake Drive, especially during the July and August summer weekends.  This project has the support of Ministry of Highways, the RDKB and BC Parks as well as some local contractors and property owners. The possibility of requesting a seasonal speed limit reduction, as is practiced through the Christina Lake village was also suggested.
  • Wharf permitting– links to the provincial permitting process are given through the RDKB website. Mike recently attended a presentation given by Ms. Donna Dean, Planning & Development Manager at the RDKB that included information on this process which is administered under the department of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. 
  • Website – likely additional technical support will be required in the future as over the past year, the website had been subjected to a ‘hack’ attack.
  • Newsletter – this seems to be the best means of contacting members and encouraged all present to make sure that the Society has your current contact information.
  • Board member– Stephen Acres has stepped down from the board; Stephen was thanked for his service to the society. Mike asked if anyone was interested in filling the board vacancy to get in touch with any board member. The current board will continue to approach potential candidates.
  • CLWPOS mandate review – the CLWPOS is reviewing the Society’s mandate in the fall, and requested anyone with thoughts/concerns/ideas to let a board member know


  1. Treasurer’s Report
    • Theresa Dergousoff reviewed the financial statement for 2015-2016 as presented at the meeting and posted to the Society’s website.
    • Motion/Seconded/Carried that the financial report as submitted be approved
    • The proposed budged for 2016-2017 was presented; it was recommended by the Society’s directors to provide a contribution of $1000.00 to the Christina Lake Stewardship Society for the mussel awareness program undertaken by that society. The proposed budged also includes a provision of up to $1000 for website maintenance and enhanced security features. The proposed dues remain at $20 per member
    • Motion/Seconded/Carried that the proposed budget for the society as presented at the meeting be approved.
    • Theresa asked the membership for approval so that the signing officers can have online “viewing only” privileges on the CLWPOS bank account so that we can view bank statements online.
    • Motion/Seconded/Carried – that the CLWPOS authorize the Grand Forks Credit Union to give online “viewing privileges” to the signing officers of the CLWPOS





  1. Presentation by Ms. Grace McGregor, Chair RDKB and Director Area C, RDKB.


  • Milfoil control was the main subject of her presentation, but she quickly touched base on the zebra/quagga mussel situation. She suggested that individuals write letters to both our provincial and federal representatives on this subject as action follows from numbers of letters received on subjects of interest to voters (The Society will provide contact information upon request)
  • .Grace reminded people that no mechanical operations were allowed to pull out weeds. Such operations have been tested in the past. Observations from these efforts showed that most often the situation is made worse, with adverse impacts on the shoreline ecology.
  • A member asked Grace if the “harvester” will come back to the lake to clean the shore. This member was concerned regarding the impact at the south end of the lake on fast growing invasive and native water lilies that seemed to have adverse impacts on waterfront property values.  The member was referred to the Stewardship Society for information on who to approach on this concern (within the appropriate provincial government ministries). 
  • Another member expressed his disappointment that the Stewardship Society didn’t have a booth for boat inspection during the busiest long week-end, and was reminded by Grace that this was a Stewardship issue. (It may be that during this busy time, boaters were frustrated at delays in launching and retrieving their boats and might not be receptive to learning about the dangers of potential mussel infestations in the lake!)


  1. New Business


Doug & Jeanie Bain, new residents at the lake, requested more information about milfoil control/removal towards the south end of the lake.  The Chair suggested that they contact the Stewardship Society or the RDKB.


The chair thanked all those members present for giving up a portion of their weekend to attend this meeting and especially thanked those board members present for their support.


  1. Adjournment:  The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.