Minutes of 2021 CLWPOS AGM


  • 23 in attendance
  • Acknowledgement of Bob Freeman
    • Covid insurance covered by hall society in his memory
  • Introduction of Grace and Donna (e-blast)
    • Update on Sewer Study—still looking for dollars to do proper study
      • Need to do proper study that takes ++ dollars
      • Many voicing they do not want to contribute to system financially as many have spent lots on their private systems
    • Christina Creek study
      • Currently a mess with water lily
      • Ministry says they are coming in the fall to look at it
        • Grace says if they don’t respond in some fashion we will push it with pictures and data
    • Water Security Study
      • Donna thinks a final report is done but they need to look for it
    • Evacuation Plans
      • Asked by Mike who acknowledges Grace’s effort to date
      • Grace thinks they have a plan but they want to get together with area directors but they do not want to as they lack expertise in wildfire control
      • Is a major problem with need to keep roadways clear for access—Fire Chief trying to talk to people
      • Road upgrades and opening up back roads needed but no money for this
        • We do not pay for our roads
      • Donna notes that Regional District is working on local plans and are some local plans in place already
        • Hired consultant in 2020 for this
      • Mark Stevens involved in this and is doing good work
      • Note Voyent won’t work is internet is down
    • RCMP presence on water—Chris Cotrell
      • Advises to report everything to RCMP and will be recorded as complaint and records are kept on this
      • Not on water now—advises us to call RCMP office about concerns like people on lake when water bombers are there
    • OCP minutes not posted after January
      • Also lost water front representative on OCP committee and is someone replacing?  She is not going to replace her as too much work already done.
      • Riparian is being discussed
        • We will have opportunity to speak to this
        • Will be a public display at Welcome Center, also will have a open house at Community Hall with opportunity to input
        • Grace states lake residents are lake residents and no priority needs to be given to lake front owners
        • The conversation at meetings has been about new builds so far
      • Minutes are not put on line until they are ratified—is reason why not posted yet
      • Grace notes they are a long way from writing final document and will be taking input
  • Motion to approve Agenda
  • Introduction of Board Members and Mike as Chair
  • Minutes of last years AGM
    • Noted that was previously circulated
    • Motion to approve—Mr. Armstrong, Second Mr. McCauley.  Approved.
  • Current Issues by Mike
    • Kettle River Watershed
      • RDKB – Jointheconversation.rdkb/boundary-watershed-webinars with lots of information
      • Local Focus on forestry – Dec 11, 2020
      • Cumulative Effects Presentation – Feb 4, 2021
        • Cumulative environmental effects and impacts on the environment.  Examines activities that are minor in effects individually but when accumulated over time become significant
      • Wetlands Health and Restoration – April 13, 2021
    • Decibel Coalition
      • Is existing Federal Legislation on noise—no open headers within 5 km of shore.  Hard to enforce.  Jurisdictions in Europe and many states have noise legislation and measurement standards
      • Motion to support this—moved and seconded, passed
    • Love Your Lake Program
      • Foreshore assessment program developed by Waterfront Canada
      • Hired consultant that goes on lake and takes pictures then write reports with recommendations that individual property owners could do to improve lake health
      • Mike not sure where the money for this comes from
      • 7 done in British Columbia, 141 in Ontario, 4 in Alberta, 21 in Saskatchewan
      • They promote lake owners responsibility to the water and lakes
      • They look at boating issues and foreshore erosion as well
      • Did Skaha Lake, Twin Lakes and Trout Lake in 2020
        • Then produced detailed report for each individual property
        • Information is not shared with any government agency
      • Consultant notes that impact of storm produced waves is less than that of boat produced waves (because storm waves spaced farther apart)
      • We are being asked if we want to subscribe to the Love Your Lakes program
        • Sounds very good but is there a down side
      • They also did a study on Lake Windermere published June 2021 through Love Your Lake Program
        • Foreshore Integrated Management Planning
        • Asked what are wakes doing to the foreshore—underwater cameras looked at effects (especially as lake is so shallow)
        • Found is boats operating in more than 30 feet of water were less of a problem
        • Made recommendations on boat operation
          • Boat corridors, low wake zones, spill safeguards, public information program
    • Foreshore Integrated Management Tool
      • Being used to evaluate foreshore development at many recreational lakes in BC.  Report details may be sourced through the BC Lake Steward Society (BCLSS).  Through trained volunteers in organizations such as the Christina Lake Stewardship Society.
      • Is being tied to Love Your Lake Program
      • This information may be a concern with its use especially for Love Your Lakes Program
    • Challenges
      • Climate Change
      • Changing Demographics
      • Christina Lake has been “discovered”
      • Maintaining water quality
      • Maintaining community infrastructure
    • Discussed various issues of mussels, Firesmart, Fire Boat
    • Local fire department is making recommendations about fire control
      • Also offering Wasp Fire suppression systems—may be able to use a bladder to supply your own system
      • Member noted Fire Chief said will offer 2 inspections with recommendations to buy equipment that they will support in the event of a fire
        • Sprinklers on poles that each saturate about 30 feet each
        • Member told could put in system for about $2,200
    • Boat Access Society AGM next Saturday
    • Is there continued value in CLWPOS?
      • Riparian resolved?
      • Dock permitting resolved?
      • Not many active directors
      • Not enough paid members
      • The Foreshore Integrated Management Planning program may revive the riparian issue at CL
    • Motion to Adopt Chairman’s report
  • Financial report
    • Insurance cost is biggest at this time
    • We have enough money at this time
    • Motion to accept report and passed
    • Keep dues at $20 dollars per household
  • Election of Directors
    • Daniel Nocente proposed as board member
    • Moved and passed
  • Conclusions
    • Contact MLA Roly Russell and MP Richard Cannings about mussels
  • Terry McCauley question on Milfoil
    • Getting worse at south end especially
    • Terry and David had discussion with RDKB milfoil about mapping it in order to advocate
    • Divers have idea of what is happening but are not physically mapping this—they do say they cannot keep up at south end
    • Should we advocate for more detailed review


Welcome and introduction of directors

Introduction of Guests

Adoption of Agenda

Adoption of Minutes of 2017 Annual General Meeting (Draft posted on the CLWPOS website under ‘News’)

Business Meeting

        Chairman’s Report

        Treasurer’s Report

        Adoption of 2018/2019 Budget

 Project List review

        New Items

                Foreshore Assessments

                2018 Flood & RDKB Emergency Planning     

                Christina Lake OCP update

                BC Parks – campsite expansion study

                Texas Creek boat launch repairs

                Directors’ Liability Insurance

        Old items

                Christina Lake Stewardship Society\

                        Northern Pike concern

                Milfoil – update

                Zebra/Quagga mussels

                Texas Creek parking lot expansion – CLBAS



                Wild Fires – FireSmart

                Wastewater treatment – part of OCP

        New Business

Election of Directors – we are keen to have additional members to ensure a wide coverage of interests.