CLWPOS 2023 AGM – draft minutes

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners’ Society was held August 3, 2023 at the Christina Lake Community Hall commencing at 7 p.m. with 18 members present.

Directors David Merry, Tres Dergousoff and Mike Fairweather were introduced. Director Daniel Nocente was unable to attend

RDKB Area C Director, Grace McGregor, CLFD Chief Joe Geary, Kettle River Watershed coordinator Kristina Anderson and RDKB Senior Planner, Liz Moore were invited to give short presentations at the meeting, but sent regrets.

Motion to approve a quorum present – m/s/c

Motion to approve the agenda for the meeting – m/s/c

Minutes of the 2022 AGM are posted on the CLWPOS website.  A summary of the minutes of last year’s AGM was reviewed.  Motion to approve the minutes of the 2022 CLWPOS AGM m/s/c

Chairman’s Report

Section 22 of the June 29 Draft 3 of the RDKB Area C/Christina Lake Official Community Plan relating to the implementation of guidelines for Riparian Area Development Permit application was reviewed.  Copies of the Draft OCP together with related maps were available for society members present.  Some members had reviewed copies of this draft document prior to the meeting, available through the RDKB web site.

A member of the Society and also a member of the draft OCP review committed, Jennifer Horahan, was present at the meeting.  Jennifer provided valuable insight to Section 22.  Most importantly, she noted that in view of the absence of negative feedback received by the RDKB following the July 5 OCP review meeting, the draft document has been forwarded for review by other interested parties, including First Nations and the Provincial Government.  There is accordingly a time constraint, not well defined, for concerned area C residents to provide feedback on Section 22 and any other section of the draft document of interest and/or concern.

Motion to approve Chairman’s report m/s/c

Financial Report

A new meeting incident insurance policy provider was kindly suggested by the Community Centre Society.  The insurance was much reduced from the policy provider used for our 2023 AGM.  Our membership dues for 2022-23 were accordingly above our expenses for the year.

Motion to accept treasurer’s report m/s/c.

Election of Directors

The following members of  the society have volunteered and were elected to serve as directors of the society:

Tres Dergousoff

Michael Fairweather

David Merry

Daniel Nocente

The meeting concluded with general discussion related to a proposed motion that the board be instructed to write to the RDKB expressing concern with Section 22 of the draft Area C OCP relating to proposed Riparian Area Development Area permitting guidelines.  This same issue had been raised some 11 years ago and resulted in the formation of this society.

The consensus of the meeting was that concerned members of the Society should write to our area C representative, Ms. McGregor together with other interested local and provincial government officials expressing concern with this proposed section noting that in view of the continued high water quality of Christina Lake, together with the limited opportunity for further foreshore development to which this new section of the OCP would apply, the hardship and cost which would follow from the adoption of this section of the OCP would greatly outweigh any future benefits that might accrue from its adoption.

The Chairman agreed to prepare a draft template to this effect.

Motion to adjourn the meeting m/s/c at 8:20 pm