Newsletter – February 2016

Posted on Feb 24, 2016

Recent development concerning Seniors’ Centre at Christina Lake


The following comments were prepared by one of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners’ Society board members in response to developments to further the creation of a Seniors’ residential housing centre at Christina Lake.

At this point in time, this information is being circulated for your thoughtful consideration. The board of your society has not held a meeting (either in person or electronic) to debate these new developments. In addition to the links in the following notes, information on these developments can be found through the Regional District of Kootenay Boundary website ( a link for which is available on the website.

The board and I look forward to receiving further feedback on these developments from our members.

Mike Fairweather

Below is the pdf prepared by Jonathan Oldroyd that provides information as to how RDKB is undermining due process in approving development. I was hoping that we could distribute it, along with links to the RDKB website for the proposed bylaw amendments and the actual project proposal that is included in the staff report, so that people can see what is being proposed and make their own decision as to whether they are for or against it.

Bylaw amendment No. 1585 – change to Official Community Plan

Bylaw Amendment No. 1586 – zoning change to allow seniors housing

First and Second Reading reading of Bylaw Amendmant – Oct 29, 2015

Staff Report and Development Proposal (starts at pg 10)

As well, there is a petition page that is protesting the seniors housing development on parkland

And a Facebook page that is encouraging people to write to the MLA Linda Larson (via Paul Rasmussen who is regional head of BC Lands ( .

I’ve included all of the above links to allow board members to research the information that is available and to help make the decision about what we should be sending out to the membership. Although I would like to take a stand on this issue, I don’t know if it is appropriate for us, as a board, to say this is a bad decision. But it is a much needed service to our members to provide them with information about issues that are important to the community.