Board of Directors

Mike Fairweather, Chair
Dr. David Merry, Vice Chair
Theresa Dergousoff, Secretary
Doug Sandner, Director
Marvin Jeffery, Director
Bob Freeman, Director
Arlene Peniuk, Director

Board Bios:

Theresa Dergousoff purchased her home on Sandner Road in 1992. She is a Chartered Accountant, and she and her family live part-time in North Vancouver and part-time in Christina Lake. Theresa served as a CLWPOS interim board member as secretary. She was also a member of the Area “C” Official Community Plan committee in the mid-2000’s, and has served as a director/ member of many other community organizations.

Lorne McGillivray has visited Christina Lake for many years, and has lived at the south end of Christina Lake since 1996. Lorne is a retired probation officer, and has volunteered many hours to organizations in the field of community –based residential treatment programs and youth resources.

Dr. David Merry is a physician practicing in Christina Lake. His family has owned property at Christina Lake his entire life, and he has lived at the south end of the lake since 1989. In addition to his medical degree, he has degrees in Biology and Animal Sciences. David served as a CLWPOS interim board member as a member-at-large. He has also worked on local committees for incorporation, and the first community development plan.

Marvin Jeffery Retired from Trans Mountain Pipe Line/ Kinder Morgan after 38 years of employment.
He has served on several committees including Operator Training, Joint Industrial Council and Emergency Response Coordination

Doug Sandner A long time resident of Christina Lake with much family history here at the lake.

Mike Fairweather is a retired engineer with over 35 years’ experience in the mining industry.  He is active in Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons, a Canada-wide volunteer organization concerned with training in recreational boating.  His wife’s family have owned their home at Texas Point since 1966.  He and his wife Janet split their time between winters in Rossland and summers at Christina Lake.

Bob Freeman is a long time resident of Christina Lake.

Arlene Peniuk is a new homeowner at the Lake, after visiting for over 20 years. She is a chartered professional accountant and has many years experience serving on non-profit boards, dealing with resolution of operational issues and fundraising endeavours.