Posted on Jan 17, 2019

Eurasian Milfoil Control Program 2019 Work Plan

Christina Lake, BC

Regional District of Kootenay Boundary

Completed by Phillip Maki

Milfoil Control Program Supervisor

December 2018

2019 Milfoil Control Program Work Plan

The work plan, for 2019, will be similar to that carried out in the previous season, beginning as early as possible in May and terminating around the middle of October. There are going to be 7 sectors of the lake that will each have their own control times, from the highest milfoil density areas in th south bay, north end lagoon, and the east and west shorelines.
. Sector 1, from Schullis #155 through Sands #160, will be the prime area of control. This sector has the largest swath of recurring milfoil, as well as the most boat and recreation traffic in all of the lake. The 2019 work plan is to control this shoreline from May through June, and
after Labour Day long weekend, where boat traffic is at a minimum. These sites are slated to be controlled on Supercrew days. Single crew days will also be used, based on weather and need.

. Sector 2 will be Sutherland Nature park, with its large untouched patches of milfoil and other native aquatic plants. Since this area is typically a no boating zone from mid-June through the end of September, and should time allow, this sector will be controlled on Supercrew and single crew days during the height of summer, and once boat traffic subsides in the fall.

. Sector 3 will be from Christina Creek to the east edge of the Provincial public beach, sites 161 through #177. These locations will be controlled throughout the entire season as boat traffic and safety concerns are lower in these large shallow site. These areas can be controlled by single crews.

. . Sector 4 is from the west edge of the Provincial public beach #177 through to site #189, Silver Birch campsite. The sites will be controlled throughout the entire season from shore to end of the docks, and further out, where large patches were discovered in 2015, will again be
controlled from May through June, and post Labour Day. This sector can be controlled by single crews for the shallower areas, and on Supercrew days in the larger newly-discovered milfoil patches.

. Sector 5 will be the west shoreline, from site #190 all the way north to site #457, including all the west shore provincial campgrounds. This sector will be controlled year-round by single crews.

. Sector 6 is the North Bay Lagoon, site #458. This sector will be controlled by Supercrew and single crews. This sector will be controlled year-round.

. Sector 7 is the entire east shoreline, from Site #459 through #575, then Site #1 through to the
beginning of Sector 1, site #154. This sector will be controlled by single crews and will be controlled year-round.

A weekly breakdown consists of allotting 4 days of control in Sectors 1, 3 and 4. Sectors 5, 6 and 7
will be allotted 2 days per week. Supercrew days will be one day per week, in Sectors 1-4, 6 as well.

Please note that this summary of the proposed 2019 milfoil control program does not include maps illustrating site locations. Please reference copies of the 2018 milfoil control report available at the Welcome Centre and online from the RDKB website.