Message from WPOS Chair, Mike Fairweather

Minutes of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society Annual General Meeting held July 28, 2012 , held at the Christina Lake Community Hall, 90 Park Road, Christina Lake BC

1. The interim chair, Mike Fairweather, called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. Approximately 80 members in attendance; Mike declared a quorum.

2. Mike welcomed the members and introduced the CLWPOS Board of Directors:

Mike Fairweather – Interim Chair Theresa Dergousoff- Secretary/Treasurer David Merry – Vice chair Doug Thorpe – board member Lorne McGillivray – board member Neil Muth – board member (not present) John Ritchie – retiring board member (not present) Bill Strookoff – retiring board member (not present) Ross Glanville – retiring board member (not present)

3. Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the agenda as circulated

4. Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the minutes of 2011 AGM as circulated

5. Business Meeting

a. Chairman’s Report

Mike gave a brief report on the workings of the CLWPOS board over the past year; the main issues the board faced were riparian rights and the milfoil issue. Mike gave a brief update on a biological milfoil control program being considered using weevils. He then thanked Ross Glanville and John Ritchie, retiring board members. He also thanked Bill Strookoff, inaugural chair of the CLWPOS for all of his hard work and vision in getting the society to where it is today, and he thanked Michael French and Colette Gouin for their financial contribution of paying the society’s expenses for the last two years. Terry McGauley and Norm Gabana suggested that the Society send a card to Bill to thank him for all of his efforts on behalf of the Society.

Mike then discussed the new website. There was some discussion as to whether there should be a Members Only area included in the website, or whether it should be open to the public.

Motion/Seconded/Defeated – to have the website open to everyone.

Therefore, there will be a Members Only area on the website, members will be given an access password for Members Only area when that area is functional

b. Treasurers Report

Theresa gave a brief financial summary, there is approximately $ 700 in the bank account as of the meeting date. The financial summary is as follows:

Opening Balance …………………….$ 1,100.00


Cheque 101 – Minister of finance $ 25.00

Cheque 103 – Christina Lake Community Ass’n $ 310.00

Bank S/C $ 1.50


Deposit September 2011 $ 50.00

Interest February 2012 0.95

Current Balance – July 28, 2012 $ 714.45

Motion/Seconded/Carried – to accept the financial report as presented

c. Adoption of 2012/2013 Budget

Theresa presented the upcoming year’s proposed budget

Proposed budget 2012-2013

Website maintenance ……………… $1,000.00

Bookkeeping and administration……. 750.00

Office expenses (mailing/advertising) .. 500.00

Total …………………………… ……. $ 2,250.00

Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the 2012/2013 budget as proposed, and to assess each member $20 in dues in order to cover the expenses

6. Introduction of Guests

a. Greetings from Sue Veregin - Christina Lake Boat Access Society

b. Greetings from Grace McGregor - Area C Representative

- Grace gave a brief update on behalf of the Regional district; she stated that the rental of the hall for this CLWPOS annual general meeting would be covered by the RDKB from the Area “C” budget. Grace also stated that at a recent RDKB, residents of British Columbia who own property at Christina Lake but are not full-time residents, will soon be able to have mail-in ballots on voting issues.

7. CLWPOS Project list prioritization -

Mike asked the membership to assist the board in prioritizing the upcoming year’s projects.

Each member was given six green “dots” and the members were asked to place dots on a issues that they felt the board should focus its attention on in the upcoming year. The projects, and the number of “dots” is as follows:

2012/2013 Priority List as voted by the CLWPOS members

a. Milfoil (52)

b. Boating restrictions – foreshore cruising (49)

c. Septic tanks (45)

d. Property Taxes (32)

e. Boating – Jet boats on Christina Lake (25)

d. Non-resident voting (20)

e. Water quality – drinking water quality (18)

f. Boating – pump-out facility (17)

g. Fire protection (16)

h. East and West Lake Drive – pedestrian safety (15)

i. Relationships with other lake interest groups; Stewardship society, Boat Access Society, Advisory Planning Commission, Dragon Boat Paddler’s Association (12)

j. Water quality education (9)

k. Boating restrictions – transfer of invasive species (6)

l. Parking at Texas Point Boat Launch (and Marina) (2)

8. The meeting was adjourned at 11:30 a.m.

Many thanks to Lorne McGillivray and Theresa Dergousoff for providing refreshments.