2015 Annual General Meeting Minutes

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners' Society will be held Sunday August 7th 2016 at The Christina Lake Community Hall at 1 p.m.

Minutes of the Christina Lake Waterfront Property Owners Society Annual General Meeting held Sunday August 16, 2015 , at the Christina Lake Community Hall

1. The chair, Mike Fairweather, called the meeting to order at 1 p.m. Approximately 80 members in attendance; Mike declared a quorum.

2. Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the agenda as circulated.

3. Theresa Dergousoff welcomed the members to the fourth annual general meeting of the society, and introduced the CLWPOS Board of Directors: Mike Fairweather – Chair David Merry – Vice chair Theresa Dergousoff- Secretary/Treasurer Doug Sandner – board member Lorne McGillivray – board member Marvin Jeffery – board member Bob Freeman – board member Howie McMeekin– board member (not present)

4. Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the minutes of 2014 AGM as circulated

5. Business Meeting

a. Chairman’s Report

Mike gave a brief report on the workings of the CLWPOS board over the past year; the continuing issues the board faced were

(1) the milfoil issue and biological control,

(2) Parking issue at Texas Point

(3) Zebra Quagga mussels.

The new issue the board faced was the Christina Lake Compliance Project (Docks and Foreshore encroachment) He advised that the board has contacted local, provincial and national levels of government expressing concerns on behalf of its members on these issues.

During the year there were seven emails to the membership on these issues.

The board also held two boat cruises to the North West end of the lake soliciting members during July with 8 new membership sign-ups.

He thanked retiring board member Howie McMeekin for his excellent service to the CLWPOS.

b. Treasurer's Report

Theresa gave a brief financial summary.

There is approximately $ 2660 in the bank account as of the meeting date. The financial summary is as follows:

Opening Balance …………………….$ 2110


Society Annual Fees $ 65.00

Web Name Regisration $ 67.00

CLSS Video support $ 250.00

Bank S/C $ 1.50


Deposit Memberships $ 930.00

Interest 1.25

Current Balance – $ 2659

Motion/Seconded/Carried – to accept the financial report as presented

c. Adoption of 2015/2016 Budget

Theresa presented the upcoming year’s proposed budget

Proposed budget 2015-2016

Website maintenance ……………… $ 500.00

Office expenses (mailing/advertising) .. 500.00

Total …………………………… ……. $ 1000.00

Motion/Seconded/Carried – to adopt the 2012/2013 budget as proposed, and to assess each member $20 in ongoing dues in order to cover the society's expenses

6. Introduction of Guests

a. R/Cst Chris Cottrill

Constable Cottrill gave an update on the law enforcement for the summer of 2015. He works an 8 week season annually, this year to date he has done over 300 boat checks, and issued many warnings for infractions. He noted that if waterfront owners have concerns, to call the non-emergency RCMP line at 250.442.8288. The group thanked Constable Chris for his efforts, he has certainly made a difference to the area b. Cavan Gates: Christina Lake Gateway Development Association

- Cavan provided a verbal overview of this group’s activities (he presented at the 2014 AGM as well) , more information can be found at: http://www.christinalakegateway.ca . They are updating the business directory, promoting the trails, and working on the new CL Venture Capital Corporation, all with the hopes of stimulating the local economy and supporting year-round living at the lake. .

7. New Business -

a. The group discussed the serious threat of the zebra quagga mussel. The board has drafted a letter to MLA Linda Larson, and encourages the membership to sign, the letter states that the introduction of this invasive species would be catastrophic to the lake, and suggests a self-funded andatory annual inspection be set up b. A long discussion took place regarding dock registration. The board will seek more information in the coming year and will keep the membership posted. Mike suggested that members consider having public liability insurance on their docks of $2 million c. The Boat Access Society is asking for donations for the Texas Point parking improvements. More information can be obtained from Sue Verigin, co-chair of the Boat Access Society at sue.verigin@gmail.com d. Mike asked for an expression of interest for a member to work with the CL Stewardship Society on the milfoil issue (note after the meeting, Ted Dergousoff put his name forward) e. Fire safety is a very topical issue this year, as we have had a very arid summer. Munro Pickering can advise waterfront residents of how to keep their homes safe, his email address is: munpick@gmail.com f. A member asked if the board would contact Stephanie Gillis for a highway sign for truckers using engine braking at the bottom ot the Paulson summit hill. With reduced boat activity on the lake, the noise carries to affect waterfront property owners living to the east of Chrisitna Lake village limits g. Motion/Seconded/Carried – to hold the CLWPOS AGM on the second Sunday in August (note for 2016 that will be August 14, 2016 8. Election of Directors of the Society

Mike made a call for nominations for new board members, there are three seats presently vacant. The following members have agreed to put their names forward to be on the board:

Stephen Acres – East Lake Drive

Arlene Peniuk – Sandner Road<[> Annie Rioux – Sandner Road

There were no further nominations; the three were acclaimed to the board

9. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:00 p.m.